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Post-processing is the second half of the image creation process - an essential step which enhances your images and makes them ready for use. However, for beginner and amateur photographers, learning post-processing and its technical aspects can be daunting.

This masterclass aims to introduce learners to two of the most widely used image editing softwares - Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. The course will help you to understand the finer nuances of image editing including tonal corrections, color corrections, batch processing and much more, to create visually appealing images.

Masterclass Duration (Weekend Course): 3 Months (2 Classes per Week)

Fees:  ₹ 18,999/-

What You Will Learn?


Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Interface

Working with Lightroom Modules

Image editing - Global corrections

Image editing - Localized corrections

Batch processing

Color profiles

Image exporting


Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Interface

Working on Photoshop Layers & Masks

Adobe Photoshop Toolbar

Camera Raw

Adjustment layers

Basics of Image Manipulations

Blending Modes

Color Correction

What this Course includes?

50 Hours of Live Online Sessions
Practical Assignments
Learning Resources
Study Material

Course Features

Learn from the Expert

Learn from an expert mentor with a 9+ years of experience in image editing and 3+ years of experience in academics and student mentoring.

Online Sessions

Learn from the comfort of your home or workplace with flexible class timings on weekends.

Curated Content

A curated course with industry standard syllabus and numerous assignments across the coursework.

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