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Basic Post Processing Workshop

Post-processing is the second half of the image creation process - an important step which gives the final finishing touches to your image and makes it ready for the use. For new photographers, learning post-processing and its technical aspects can be daunting. However, getting thorough knowledge of image editing can help you to get more control over the look of your picture.

This workshop aims to impart the knowledge about the basics of digital post-processing; right from the technical aspects of the editing software to enhancing your image to make it more appealing. This course will help you to understand the finer nuances of image editing in Adobe Photoshop and help you to take a step forward in your photography journey.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days (Saturday & Sunday)


Online Workshop: ₹ 3,500

One to One Session: ₹ 4,500

What You Will Learn?

- Image Enhancement using Adjustment Layers

Learn to use Adjustment layers for refining your images.

- Editing in Adobe Camera RAW

Learn to refine your RAW images in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)

- Taking Image Output

Learn different image formats and how to take image output

- Editing Assignments

Images for practical editing exercises

- Importance of Post-processing

Understand why post-processing is important for your photographs.

- Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Introduction and overview of Adobe Photoshop

- Understanding Photoshop Interface

Overview of software interface, tools and panels.

- Understanding Layers

Learn how the Photoshop layers work and how to use them.

Workshop Benefits

After the workshop, you will be able to:

- Understand and use the Photoshop tools effectively

- Set appropriate tones for your photographs

- Make your images visually more appealing

Workshop Features

Expert Mentoring

- Learn from the experienced  mentor

- Personalized training

- Practical exercises

- Mentor support after the course

Streamlined content

Systematically designed course content covering different aspects in concise and easy to understand way. 

Flexible Schedule

In these uncertain times of Covid pandemic, we offer two course options to make your learnings comfortable and safe.

- Online Workshop

- One to One Sessions

Learn from the Scratch

No prior post-processing knowledge required!

The course is suitable for those who want to learn from the scratch or take their technical learnings to the next step.

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