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Basic Photography Workshop

Workshop Benefits

After the workshop, you will be able to:

- Choose appropriate genre of photography

- Choose suitable gears for your genre

- Identify and apply appropriate settings for the scene

- Compose aesthetically pleasant images

- Use different techniques for creative images

- Use your equipment to its best potential

Right from our mobile cameras to professional DSLRs, photography has become one of the widely used artform today. However, just having an equipment is not sufficient. You need to master your camera and understand the technical details to use your equipment to it's best potential.

This workshop aims to impart the knowledge about the fundamentals of photography; right from the technical parts of the to the aesthetical aspects of framing a shot. This course will help you to understand the finer nuances of photography and help you to translate your vision into a memorable photograph.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days (Saturday & Sunday)


Online Workshop: ₹ 3,000

One to One Session: ₹ 4,000

What You Will Learn?

- Metering Modes

Understand the metering modes and learn how they affect your images.

- White Balance

Learn how the white balance affects your image.

- Depth of Field and Focusing

Understand the depth of field and learn to use Auto and Manual focusing.

- Shooting in RAW

Learn why to shoot in RAW format and advantages of using RAW.

- Composition and framing techniques

Learn to compose your shot aesthetically using composition techniques.

- Genres of Photography

Learn the different genres of photography.

- Types of Camera and Lenses

Learn about the different types of cameras and lenses and when to use them.

- Functioning of DSLR Cameras

Learn the different parts of your camera and how they work.

- Camera Modes

Explore the camera modes and learn when to use them to get the best results.

- Exposure Triangle

Understand how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affects your image and how to use them to get the best results.

Workshop Features

Expert Mentoring

- Learn from the experienced photography mentor

- Personalized training

- Practical exercises

- Mentor support after the course

Streamlined content

Systematically designed course content covering different aspects in concise and easy to understand way. 

Flexible Schedule

In these uncertain times of Covid pandemic, we offer two course options to make your learnings comfortable and safe.

- Online Workshop

- One to One Sessions

Learn from the Scratch

No prior photography knowledge required!

The course is suitable for those who want to learn from the scratch or take their technical learnings to the next step.

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